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Swiss tax and corporate advisors

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Our team is committed to providing the most innovative corporate services for international clients, including tailor-made legal consultancy to entrepreneurs, investors and crypto based companies.


International Taxation

We offer tax planning advice for international companies and investors with a worldwide perspective of their business. Present in many different countries, we assist clients achieving the desired comercial goals from different legal options.

Moreover, we provide consultancy services to companies that chose Switzerland to locate their offices and business and scale up internationally.



Located in the Swiss Crypto Valley, Zug has become a global ICO hub for crypto entrepreneurs that wish to benefit from FINMA recent guidelines and an attractive tax regime.

Many tech startups have chosen this crypto friendly city to grow their business internationally and supported on a progressive legal system. Some of the world’s most dynamic crypto companies relocated this small town of the Swiss Alps to take part in its new ecosystem and innovative business environment.

Our multidisciplinary team in Zug provides assistance on ICO structuring and conducting based on design and economic function of the tokens, taking into consideration the business model and the most recent Swiss regulatory guidelines.

Based in Switzerland


Swiss tax

We offer a full tax compliance service according to the Swiss law. Our team is also expert in VAT and cross-border transactions, as for example, assistance on non-Swiss companies with more than 100,000 € annual turnover that export goods to Switzerland and that from January 2018 are subject to Swiss VAT.


Accounting Services

We offer cross-border certified accounting services to Swiss and international companies from different areas of activity, including more recently specialised accounting services to crypto asset based companies.

New business?

Our expertise and services can help you achieve better results.


Startup Package

Planning a new business from scratch in usually hard and expensive. Thinking on our clients best needs we have created a special package for Startup companies that chose to locate their business in Switzerland. Special rates and a multidisciplinary team of consultants dedicated to make their business scale globally are available to both domestic and international entrepreneurs.


Privacy and Data Protection

We also provide privacy and data protection compliance services according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Swiss Data  Protection Act (DPA) to companies that process data on a cross-border basis.

Since 25th May 2018 the EU GDPR is applicable not only to data controllers and data processors located in Europe, but also in countries like Switzerland.

In some cases a DPIA (Data Privacy Impact Assessment) may be mandatory depending on the nature of the data processing involved.

We can help you set up your business taking into consideration the GDPR compliance requirements and evaluate the risks on data privacy of your activity. We may also assist you on planning and executing the necessary security measures to protect your business and your clients data.

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