Pension and Social Security

understand your rights, obligations, and opportunities for a secure future

Planning for retirement and fully understanding the complex landscape of pension and social security systems in Switzerland can be daunting, including the three-pillar system comprising the state, occupational, and private pensions. 

Personalized Retirement Planning

Our team works closely with you to develop personalized retirement plans that align with your financial circumstances, desired lifestyle, and risk tolerance. We analyze your pension entitlements, projected income, and investment options.

Pension Fund Management

We can assist in selecting the right pension fund, optimizing contributions, and monitoring investment performance. We help you navigate the complexities of pension fund regulations and ensure your retirement savings are maximized.

Social Security Compliance

Compliance with social security regulations is crucial for individuals and organizations operating in Switzerland. 

Our team helps you understand your obligations, including contributions to the AHV/AVS (Old Age and Survivors' Insurance) and other social security programs. 

We provide guidance on reporting requirements, contributions calculation, and compliance with social security laws.

Benefits Optimization

We help individuals and organizations optimize their pension and social security benefits. Our experts analyze your eligibility for various benefits, including disability benefits, survivors' benefits, and supplementary benefits. We assist in maximizing your entitlements while ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations.

International Pension and Social Security Considerations

If you have international connections or are planning to retire abroad, our team is well-versed in international pension and social security considerations. We understand the complexities of cross-border pension coordination, ensuring that you understand your rights and obligations in different jurisdictions.

Pension Fund Audits

For organizations with occupational pension schemes, we conduct comprehensive audits of pension funds. 

Our experts review fund governance, financial statements, investment strategies, and compliance with regulatory requirements. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize fund management and ensure fiduciary responsibilities are met.